Domino’s Wins at UX, Focuses on the Details


Did you know that Domino’s is a technology company? They just happen to sell pizza and a lot more? That’s how they like to think of themselves, but it was an evolution. One that started with the brand in major crisis back in 2008.

They even admitted that their pizza was terrible. So they got honest and serious about improving that. Here’s a great rundown of how and why they did it by Jeff Beer.

So the food improved, and the technology made ordering a pizza an easy and fast experience. They understood that online ordering and focusing on the user experience would result in more orders and more dollars.

So as a customer who orders online, I love the app. It lets you customize everything, which is super important to me as a picky eater. They’ve thought about everything down to the smallest detail to eliminate frustration. So here’s the smallest thing they are doing, which makes me love them even more. When it comes to a point in the process to enter numbers (telephone, credit card, etc.), the screen that pops up are numbers only! Typically, the keyboard pops up, and you must navigate to numbers, which is clumsy and annoying. But simply by understanding that I have to punch in numbers and then presenting me with just numbers, it’s genius and so simple. It makes it a better user experience.

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