Catfish: I’m Hooked

The train wreck that is the show Catfish is exactly that in you cannot look away. I was late to the Catfish party, not watching the movie until right before the premiere of the TV show. And for the record, this is the only show I watch on MTV, in light of the truth that I’m too old to be an MTV devotee.

The movie was an interesting perspective on the digital age of communication and relationships. It was both sad and eventually insightful. Nev truly seems to be a guy that is genuine. His story was mostly believable, making many think it could easily happen to them.

However, the show is about less genuine people in the fact they are in serious denial. It’s suspect to me how these people develop such close relationships, often confessing their love, without ever meeting. The relationship is built on texting, email and phone calls; not on touch or looking one another in the eye. I get that a lot of the relationships are spawned from loneliness. I certainly have been lonely. It’s a desperate feeling. Lucky for me, I am blessed with some amazing people and animals in my life!

And I have, of course, met guys online. But it never went longer than a few weeks without meeting. I wasn’t looking for a pen pal and I consider Ft Mill long distance so I’m not interested in a cyber relationship. I have to see someone to know for sure if it could go somewhere. I can usually tell in around five minutes.

I want protest against the wonders of technology and I cannot really say in the end if it allows us to be more or less connected. Maybe the connection is just different. Who can guess what the evolution of communication will look like. I’m someone in love with words and writing. So in a lot of ways I savor the new means of communicating by text rather than by phone. But nothing for me can replace real live interaction. For me it’s the only way to discern if a real spark exists. I may be in the minority on that in an age where most relationships start online. I’m just sure my next relationship is not going to start online. Thus far my only successful online relationship was a guy I met five years ago, dated briefly and ended up having a great friendship with. 😉

So I’ll keep watching Catfish, unable to look away, feeling sad for those that get duped and relieved that it certainly would never be me because if a man wants to earn my adoration he’s going to have to look me in the eye.

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