What Can You Do in Five Years?

I have something to celebrate. And thus far this year, I have had several celebratory moments: landed an amazing new job and jetted off to Europe! But this is special, five years in the making. Five years ago was my last recurrence of cancer. Five years is the longest amount of time I have gone without a recurrence. I can’t say I’m cancer free because I’m not; it lingers in my lymph nodes. But five years is a milestone. And I’m grateful for this time that life has allowed me without the fear of surgery. Although, I am out of organs that I can live without. 

I thought it the perfect post to resurrect my blog, which apparently doesn’t even exist anymore so I had to start over. But I know a lot about starting over. I am just glad to be writing again. Without it I surely do not breathe as well.

Five years has elapsed since my confrontation with mortality. Of course, maybe we all face this daily. Every little thing that could change in those five years has. But I’m glad to be in this skin; hopeful for every day; sad and happy intermittently; and I still have much to do, many more sunsets to see and stories to write.

So I am proof, real proof, that you can lose everything, have everything you think you want, think you have nothing and realize that everything can change. 

Thank you to everyone who made these last five years possible – my doctors, my friends, my Honey, my Ellie. 

I am finally breathing steadily again, and my life is still very believable.

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